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Windows "Google announced an update to its Google Play mobile app on Android - its online store for apps, music, books, magazines, movies and TV shows - today, one that is aimed at cleaning up the UI and optimizing it for different device types. It's a model of clarity and discoverability, not to mention scalability, features that are sorely lacking in Microsoft's Windows Store." As a Surface RT owner, I couldn't agree more with Paul Thurrott.
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RE[4]: Too much advertising
by flypig on Wed 10th Apr 2013 08:12 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Too much advertising"
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Have you ever been in a real life store? Do you think the placement and selection of items are chosen randomly? Are you offended by the descriptive labels on the boxes?

Sure, this is how it works, and I accept that. I'm not overly keen on it in real life either. I prefer my metaphorical fruit loose so that I can squeeze it, rather than in fancy packaging. It would be great if the store was arranged to suit me rather than whoever pays the most for placement. I'm not offended by it because I've become numb to it, but if I think about it too hard it begins to hurt a little.

What I like about computers and the Internet is that they can offer better solutions (largely because of the fewer physical restrictions) than we can manage in the real world.

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There used to be generic brands of food that only described what was in them in a very succinct format.

That would be an interesting thing to go back to. On one hand, that's a lot more honest than the pleasing pictures of the product prepared by a food stylist with 10 other ingredients not included in the can/box/bag. I think there is a certain amount of psychology in the labels that affects our perception of taste. If you don't know what the label looked like, then you'd be immune, but If you prepare the food yourself I bet it would affect your taste.

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