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In the News Martin Hedberg has interviewed Jean-Louis Gassee - founder of Be, Inc. and former Apple executive. We're looking at 45 minutes (part 1, 2, 3, and 4) of talk about operating systems an their future, so sit down, relaxe, and enjoy.
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RE[3]: Martin Hedberg
by jared_wilkes on Sun 14th Apr 2013 19:02 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Martin Hedberg"
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Yes, I think it's nonsense to say:

1. Apple Maps "didn't work." (While acknowledging that its missing some features useful to some users (transit, street view), in some places has incorrect data (the worst sin), less data (still very bad), worse imagery, for some (but not all) a worse visual presentation of maps, photographic imagery, 3D, and/or labeling. Admittedly, I'm in an area where I have never experienced a single error in mapping (but do sometimes fail to have good searches or prefer Google's imagery; I also sometimes have better navigation and search results with Apple than Google). Transit was never accurate in Google where I'm from and I enjoy StreetView. But Apple hasn't denied me from using Google Maps, Waze, or the innumerable other mapping, augmented reality, and navigation apps that pre-existed Apple's Maps app. I acknowledge that using the current maps API for app developers is a tricky situation but so is choosing Google's map API. Etc...)

Claiming Apple Maps "doesn't work" and that the current situation for mapping on iOS — which in many, many ways is healthier than Android's mapping landscape — is proof that Apple is evil, closed, hurting users, or losing in the marketplace, worse than Google, or any such overly broad rhetorical half-truths is nonsense that doesn't help discussion. It's a comment worthy of dismissal.

2. That it is evident they did this out of "pure greed," with absolutely no intended, delivered, or appreciated value.

3. Tim Cook's apology is proof that Apple Maps didn't/doesn't work. Just as much nonsense as Steve Jobs's apology proved Antennaegate.

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