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OSNews, Generic OSes Almost exactly three years ago, I wrote about why OSNews was no longer OSNews: the alternative operating system scene had died, and OSNews, too, had to go with the times and move towards reporting on a new wave of operating systems - mobile, and all the repercussions that the explosion of smartphones and tablets have caused. Still, I was wondering something today: why aren't we seeing alternative operating systems on mobile?
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Clients are boring
by butters on Tue 16th Apr 2013 05:20 UTC
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Hobbyists left the "alternative OS scene", as described here, because clients are boring and tedious. There's an epic amount of wheels you have to reinvent in order to show off your chrome rims.

If you're looking for the hobbyists, think about embedded communities like Arduino or Contiki. There's also a lot of interesting work in clustering middleware, but that's less accessible to hobbyists outside of academia.

On a higher level, the hobbyists are gone because personal computing has failed, and cloud computing has won the future.

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RE: Clients are boring
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Tue 16th Apr 2013 16:37 in reply to "Clients are boring"
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If by "epic amount" you mean "a large amount" and by "cloud computing" you mean "the network", then I'd begrudgingly agree whilst escorting you off my lawn.

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