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Google The day has finally come: Google has started shipping Google Glass to the lucky few early adopters. Now that it's shipping, Google has also unveiled a lot more about the API and the specifications of the device itself. While the company had already given out substantial details at earlier occasions, there are still a few surprises here.
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RE: Everything goes through Google
by Nelson on Tue 16th Apr 2013 17:38 UTC in reply to "Everything goes through Google"
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I'm sure you're aware that push notifications on most mobile OSes work the exact same way?

Its usually:

Your app <> Push Notification Service <> Your Service

That means every inbox, message, tweet, DM, or IM that you have been pushed has passed through these servers.

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Shane Member since:

Yep, but the Mirror API does that for everything, and both ways. User interactions with Glass go to Google first and Google then notifies the app.

So, like you said, Glassware apps tend to be limited at the moment to notification style HUD stuff. And they require an Internet connection to work.

It also raises the question: will Google be indexing everything that you see in Glass? Will they also be indexing all your interactions, every single menu choice that you make?

I was very excited about Glass when it was first announced, but I am pretty disappointed with the Mirror API as it stands.

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