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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Nokia has posted its quarterly results for the first quarter of 2013, and just like the quarters that came before, there's not a whole lot of good news in there. The rise in Lumia sales still can't even dream of making up for the sales drop in Symbian phones, and when broken down in versions, the sales figures for Windows Phone 8 Lumias in particular are very disappointing. In North America, Nokia is getting slaughtered.
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chithanh Member since:

Actually, Google does not sell that many themselves.

If you count not Google but Android device sales, the number will likely be even higher because a large part of Chinese domestic sales is not counted (neither by analysts nor through device activations).

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jnemesh Member since:

These are activated Android phones (from multiple manufacturers) that access the Play store. That's how they track them now. So your assertion is either false, or splitting hairs. Either way, they are being buried.

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jared_wilkes Member since:

No, they aren't.

I know reading can be a challenge to some and, for some reason, a lot of OSNews readers think they can make up their own definitions to words, but re-read your comment, my comment, and your link about 40 times -- maybe you'll eventually figure it out.

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jnemesh Member since:

get bent, fanboy.

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