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Windows "Many PC OEMs are dissatisfied with what Microsoft has done with Windows 8 and the way the company has handled the negative response to the operating system. Privately, one OEM source told me that Microsoft is 'destroying' the PC industry, while another claimed that Windows 8 has 'handed over millions of customers to Apple'. Other OEMs are making their displeasure known publicly. Both Lenovo and Samsung have released Start button replacements for Windows 8." Windows Phone isn't the only thing not catching on. I'm really happy with my Surface RT - warts and all - but there's no denying the response to Windows 8 has been Vista-esque bad.
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RE: Nail in the coffin for the PC?
by Deviate_X on Fri 19th Apr 2013 12:11 UTC in reply to "Nail in the coffin for the PC?"
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People seem to constantly claim that the death of the PC is near, that tablets and other mobile devices will be the future and that there is no more room for the PC. I have to disagree with that assessment...


The hardware requirements for windows has flat-lined/slightly-declined since Windows Vista. So hardware sales must slow in response, that's logical.

Add to that pretty much all useful work/ecommerce/web browsing is still done on PCs (Windows/Linux/Mac) despite the fact that these Smartphone/Tables outsell PCs by multiple integer multiple.

The perception that tablets and mobiles are taking over is just a bubble.

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