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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Nokia has posted its quarterly results for the first quarter of 2013, and just like the quarters that came before, there's not a whole lot of good news in there. The rise in Lumia sales still can't even dream of making up for the sales drop in Symbian phones, and when broken down in versions, the sales figures for Windows Phone 8 Lumias in particular are very disappointing. In North America, Nokia is getting slaughtered.
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by hhas on Sat 20th Apr 2013 11:27 UTC in reply to "Comment by Tractor"
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The real issue, for me, is :
"Is Stephen Elop just a Bad CEO, which, in good faith, destroyed the company he was in charge of ?"

I don't know about 'Bad', per-se, but he was certainly a green one. He was correct in identifying the sub-surface problems within Nokia - outwardly still successful but inwardly riding on its past laurels with no strong strategy for the future - and wanting to turn that million-ton tanker well before the still distant rocks were upon it.

I suspect Elop fancied himself as the next Steve Jobs stepping into the wildly dysfunctional not-dead-but-give-it-time mid-90s Apple. The crucial difference was, Jobs already had 20 years to make his mistakes and learn from them so knew how to hit the ground running. Whereas Elop, being inexperienced, immediately forgot all his Business 101 Theory and pulled an Adam Osborne instead, the twit.

The damage done, the only question now is: was it a one-time aberration which he'll ultimately make right for both his own and Nokia's sakes? Or was his promotion to CEO just another demonstration of big business's common Peter Principle in action? Time will tell.

"Is Stephen Elop still a Microsoft minion, having the mission to destroy the Nokia Ecosystem to make room for Windows, and then use the remaining strength of the controlled company for the sole benefit of its real employer, while sacrificing the best interest of his pretended company?"

I do wish the anti-MS types would stop with this ridiculous paranoid gibber, or at least take it to an appropriate loonyhole like InfoWars or PrisonPlanet where it belongs, i.e. as far away as possible from the reality-based rest of us. Or at least try to engage your Logic 101 brain circuits before you flap your mouth.

First, a crippled Nokia does Microsoft nothing but harm too, making Win8 appear a toxic destroyer of any vendor that touches it.

[Yes, I realize the anti-MS contingent loves to claim that's precisely what Win8 is, but I don't think anyone's fooled for a moment that theirs is an intellectually honest assessment. There's plenty solid objective criticisms to make of MS culture, behavior and products, so objectively tearing into those instead of making shit up would do wonders for the signal-to-noise here.]

Second, as Nokia CEO, Elop works for Nokia and is answerable to its board and shareholders:

1. They are the ones paying his salary. (See: the Golden Rule.)

2. His professional reputation and future employability rests entirely on his current performance. If his stewardship destroys Nokia, he'll be lucky to run so much as a fast-food joint afterward.

3. He is legally answerable to shareholders should he deliberately acting against the company's best interest. If they find out he's working for anyone else, they'll not only kick him out of the job but sue him as an individual into a hole so deep he'll never get out. And that's before any regulatory or criminal justice folks start taking an interest too.


Basically, Elop was handed the keys to the priceless family Rolls Royce, and you're saying his first action is to drive it down to the local chop shop for a $50 backhander? Only a complete crackhead would behave so, and no competent parent would ever hand the family fortune to such a loser crackhead son. I suspect only basement dwelling losers who've never run their own business nor taken on any other IRL responsibility could honestly propose anything so patently stupid. Really, look in a mirror before you say such things about other people; you might stop yourself looking a complete fool in future.

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