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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Nokia has posted its quarterly results for the first quarter of 2013, and just like the quarters that came before, there's not a whole lot of good news in there. The rise in Lumia sales still can't even dream of making up for the sales drop in Symbian phones, and when broken down in versions, the sales figures for Windows Phone 8 Lumias in particular are very disappointing. In North America, Nokia is getting slaughtered.
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by cdude on Mon 22nd Apr 2013 16:49 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Comment"
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until their Win8 products were ready, and then burned it to bootstrap their new platform's user base

Even after there Lumia got available in the market near all of the Symbian users switched away to something else, not Lumia. Nokia customers rejected Lumia while Nokia gave them no choice so customers switched to competition. That pattern continued even with WP8 Lumia. Close to all the loyal smartphone customers Nokia had, and that number WAS amazing, switched to competition. The same pattern still applies with there feature phones. Near all of there ex feature phone customers switched or are switching to competition when going smartphone.

Just get it, the numbers speak for themself: customers reject WP (not only Lumia, see HTC and even Samsung) and since Nokia has nothing else to offer (unlike all other mobile players) they are where they are: at the bottom, a struggling niche offer.

unknown quantity

It had one, no two, of the world-wide strongest brands assigned. Nokia had by far the most loyal customers. There customers looked at that forced "upgrade-path", at the product and active rejected to switch to something else. It can't become more clear then that that the Lumia productline was and still is active rejected by 98% of the market, probably 99% of ex Nokia customers.

So the Symbian->Win8 'transition' is complete; it just wasn't done in a way that would've retained their existing customers.

Exactly. The market leader, the number 1, goes by and changes its productlines while EOLing the previous product and all customers switch to competition. All that in 2 years. An amazing management mistake. Unique in history by size, speed and lost values.

Win8 haters

That, the position Nokia is in, was a management decision. Win8 wasn't even out then and haters gonna hate anyways. They didn't played a role during all that.


Come on. Comparing iPhone with Lumia and breaking the difference down to marketing? That's either blind or cheap. There is so much more.

Apple and Nokia are both selling products that fly in the face of the Android orthodox

For 20% Apple iPhone users and 2% Nokia Lumia users. The other 78% not agree with you :-)

marketing ... critical factor

One factor, there are many more. Marketing alone can't turn around everything what was just demonstrated again. This time by Nokia, Microsoft, AT&T, etc. I gonna say marketing will not save them. They need to improve the product.

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