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Google "The family of Android malware that slipped past security defenses and infiltrated Google Play is more widespread than previously thought. New evidence shows it was folded into three additional apps and has been operating for at least 10 months, according to security researchers." Google removed most of it, but not before it was installed anywhere between 2 to 9 million times - finally some figures from Google itself, and not scaremongering by antivirus companies. At 9 million, that's 1.2% of all Android devices sold.
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RE: Getting you bit by bit
by aligatro on Tue 23rd Apr 2013 05:33 UTC in reply to "Getting you bit by bit"
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"So, most of the said apps originate from Russia or are Russian-language specific. Why is this a surprise to anyone? Even from the days of searching for files via ftp servers I have avoided .ru ones (as well as Chinese-bases hosts) even where these were apparently attached to legit institutions seemingly, such as in the educational sector. "

They do, however you are ignoring the fact that's its mostly the rogue ad-network that caused those infections. Of course its the also the fault of those developers for not realizing this. Something similar can happen even with legitimate ad-networks and in result with legitimate websites.

"Bitdefender is not made by a Russian company, but by a Romanian one, also it's one of the top antiviruses on the market."

So what you are saying is: its more trust-worthy because the company was founded in Romania?

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RE[2]: Getting you bit by bit
by orfanum on Tue 23rd Apr 2013 15:09 in reply to "RE: Getting you bit by bit"
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Yes, you are right, my conclusion was a bit unfocused of me really since I had read the article fully and had come away with the notion that it explained the complexities of the situation well enough for a layperson to comprehend. Still, there seems to be a fair amount of correlation going on which to me suggests either it's possibly malicious use of the ad-framework or a lack of rigour on the part of the developers. Neither possibility fills me with any greater feeling of ease regarding apps that originate from that part of the world, unfortunately.

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RE[2]: Getting you bit by bit
by Soulbender on Thu 25th Apr 2013 03:10 in reply to "RE: Getting you bit by bit"
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So, are you saying it's less trustworthy because it's not made in western Europe or the US?

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RE[3]: Getting you bit by bit
by orfanum on Fri 26th Apr 2013 14:41 in reply to "RE[2]: Getting you bit by bit"
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Not per se but I'd probably have a different take on the particular risks to be managed. There are always risks, some just have different criteria from others.

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