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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless They're here! Whether that excites you or not remains to be seen, but the Galaxy S4, which will most likely become the best selling Android smartphone of the year by a huge margin, has been reviewed by all the major sites, and there's lots of interesting conclusions in there - although I think most of you will get the gist.
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Does it feel same or worse than the S3?
by Priest on Thu 25th Apr 2013 05:30 UTC
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I've had an S1 and an S3. I always see comments about the feel of the S3 on forums and stuff but it never bothered me.So is the S4 the same as S3 in feel or worse? I can say though that I have no need to use features like eye scrolling or having a quick access button to turn it on and off. That menu should be simple for things like Bluetooth, WiFi, Airplane mode etc. but not most the other things they added to it.

As for why I'm not really looking at the HTC One, I use Verizon in the US and HTC originality announced the phone would not be available on Verizon but it may come later on. Considering the number of people on the Verizon network if the One doesn't come to that network it will hurt their sales a lot in the US.

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