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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless They're here! Whether that excites you or not remains to be seen, but the Galaxy S4, which will most likely become the best selling Android smartphone of the year by a huge margin, has been reviewed by all the major sites, and there's lots of interesting conclusions in there - although I think most of you will get the gist.
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Regarding looks
by adinas on Thu 25th Apr 2013 10:09 UTC
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Every phone you have will slip out of your hand at some point (and more than once).

If you buy a cover then the superior looks of the HTC are meaningless.

If you don't buy a cover, The HTC will look really ugly after a few dents and scratched show up on its metal case. At least the GS4 won't look any worse since it was ugly from the start!

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RE: Regarding looks
by tkeith on Thu 25th Apr 2013 12:24 in reply to "Regarding looks"
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I had two HTC phones(Droid Eris and Droid Incredible) which had a rubbery coating on the plastic. I dropped them both several times, even on concrete with no damage or marks on them. I never used a case with either and they were both in great shape when I stopped using them. My Samsung Galaxy Nexus with it's shiny plastic was scratched and nicked within the first month.

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RE[2]: Regarding looks
by adinas on Sun 28th Apr 2013 10:46 in reply to "RE: Regarding looks"
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I agree with you that rubber would be the best solution. My current Galaxy S 1 is all scratched up and the silver band around the screen has all but flaked off showing the gray plastic underneath But it hasn't "broken" or cracked anywhere. If it were rubber I'm sure it would be in much better shape.

I hate having to use a case (mine only has a sticker over the screen) and although it looks terrible, it works perfectly even after falling many times. Every time it falls, the back cover comes out along with the battery and that is it.

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