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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ubuntu 13.04 has been released, with the Linux 3.8.8 kernel, a faster and less resource hungry Unity desktop, LibreOffice 4.0, and much more. Ubuntu users will know where to get it, and you're looking for a new installation, have fun. Also fun: UbuntuKylin.
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RE: "It's the disk I/O, stupid."
by Savior on Fri 26th Apr 2013 06:56 UTC in reply to ""It's the disk I/O, stupid.""
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BTW, a note on performance. Pretty much every major serious performance problem I've run into on Linux has involved disk I/O.

So true.

However, I'll readily admit I don't actually have a clue what would constitute a sane, broadly applicable solution; or if such a thing could even exist. If anyone has ideas on that, I'm all ears.

I don't know if it counts as a solution, but ionice'ing every big "offender", while giving priority to the UI could help. Unfortunately, nothing like this is being done -- whenever e.g. the apt cache kicks in in the background, everything just becomes unresponsive (it took me a while to find out why I experience sporadic lags). Or, we'd need a saner scheduler...

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