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Java The Lightweight Java Game Library provides a simple API to OpenGL, OpenAL, OpenCL and Game Controllers enabling the production of state of the art games for Windows, Linux and Mac. Version 2.9.0 contains a complete rewrite of the mac backend, support for FreeBSD, new OpenGL/OpenCL extension and bug fixes. The library is used by many high profile games such as Minecraft, Spiral Knights, Revenge of the Titans, Project Zomboid, Starsector, JMonkeyEngine, etc.
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What makes these first-class citizens? Are they developed in the same conditions as the JRE, including with the same awareness of, and control on, new language or standard library features?

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They are the only option you have when you want to target certain devices with Java:

- Feature phones
- Car navigation systems
- Electric windmill control systems
- Blueray players
- Militar control systems
- Copier firmware

Oracle does not sell such implementations only certifies them.

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Ah, I see that we have a different idea of what makes someone a first-class citizen of a platform. For you, an implementation which has a monopoly on some use cases of the platform seems to fit the bill, whereas for me, only entities who have control and visibility on the platform itself would qualify.

Take C and C++, as a counterexample. The associated standards are managed by a non-profit, public standards committee. Representatives of companies which build C/C++ compilers can be part of it, but to the best of my knowledge there isn't a single company which has the final word and dictates its law on all others. Decisions must be taken through mutual agreement between the different actors, rather than imposed by an almighty overlord.

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