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Hardware, Embedded Systems "One of the things that will never fail to make me happy: seeing people stuck in time explain what modern day technology is. Kim Komando hosted an educational series about computer and explains the basics of its hardware, DOS, Microsoft Windows, Writeand more."
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RE[8]: She's hot
by siride on Sun 28th Apr 2013 22:13 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: She's hot"
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I mostly agree with the sentiment, but I think it's often overextended and creates the problems you mentioned. Sexual attraction and sex in general do matter and are important to people. That cannot be denied. Yet we should be careful not to let it lead us base our judgment of the thoughts and deeds of women on their attractiveness or sexual value to us as men (which I am). Far too often I still see people make unnecessary and irrelevant commentary on the attractiveness of a woman, and they sometimes even make that the main topic. You less frequently see that when men are the topic of discussion, though if they are particularly ugly or otherwise "interesting", people will talk about that -- and that's also wrong.

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RE[9]: She's hot
by Morgan on Mon 29th Apr 2013 02:49 in reply to "RE[8]: She's hot"
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So why not just say that in the first place instead of using weasel words to edge around the point? I'm just saying there are more positive ways to foster a discussion.

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RE[10]: She's hot
by siride on Mon 29th Apr 2013 02:59 in reply to "RE[9]: She's hot"
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Maybe things aren't always so cut-and-dried.

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