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Mac OS X "OS X 10.9, which is internally codenamed 'Cabernet', will focus on various 'power-user' enhancements and take core features from iOS, according to our sources. Unlike operating system updates such as OS X Leopard and OS X Lion, OS X 10.9 will likely not be an overhauled approach to how the operating system feels and functions." Features for power users and features from iOS? Seems like an oxymoron. Still, if they manage to finally fix the Finder and Spaces, I'll be happy.
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RE[2]: OpenGL & filesystem
by galvanash on Tue 30th Apr 2013 00:21 UTC in reply to "RE: OpenGL & filesystem"
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HAMMER makes no sense for OS X. Most Mac systems use tiny solid state drives now and HAMMER requires a decent amount of space to take advantage of it's features. Even Matt said when he released it that it needed 500GB or something like that.

Don't know much more about HAMMER than a few reads of the docs, but I don't get your argument.

Sure, Apple might want/need to look at an optimized filesystem for SSDS, but that filesystem won't/shouldn't work anything like HAMMER/ZFS/BTRFS and it is a different argument entirely...

Thing is they STILL need a filesystem suitable for large storage pools, something with similar semantics to these modern filesystems - copy on write, data de-duplication, checksums, cheap snapshots, deep reliability features, etc. A 500GB minimum wouldn't be a problem for most users who would use this - I have 6TB or so I would love to mount locally on my Mac if only there was a filesystem I trusted to put it in.

Just because most of their machines boot from SSDs now doesn't mean users don't want to plug in a storage array... The filesystem I want doesn't even need to support booting - Im fine with it being only for non-bootable volumes. As far as I am concerned HFS+ is fine for boot volumes (even SSDs) - I want something for storage arrays, and HFS+ is simply too inflexible and untrustworthy for that use case.

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