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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Oh multitasking. That staple of computing that got thrown out the window with many modern smartphones. We got some rudimentary thing in its place - but even as multitasking on phone and tablets improves, its user-visible side remains cumbersome. Windows 8 has a neat implementation, and now it's time Android follows in it footsteps.
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Webos? Seriously?
by bob_bipbip on Tue 30th Apr 2013 06:29 UTC
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I have to disagree.
The n900 WAS the best indeed, and then after the n9. WebOs only comes in third place.
I cannot speak about bb10, because on the contrary about the three first devices mentioned above, I do not have one. BUT I do have a PlayBook, and I have to say that it is slightly better than WebOs.

Seeing android, iphoneOS and windows phone do worst than windows mobile and symbian makes me sad....

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RE: Webos? Seriously?
by drcouzelis on Tue 30th Apr 2013 15:35 in reply to "Webos? Seriously? "
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The comment about WebOS stood out to me too. My Nokia N900 is the only smart phone I've ever used, so I have nothing to compare it with, but it can't get much simpler: it's Linux, I start applications, and they run until I close them.

As for the user interface, I can imagine times when it would be nice to look at two windows side by side. Sometimes, when I'm writing / programming in Vim (on my phone), I'll use tmux to split the window in half. Being able to look at two things at once on my phone makes me feel like a REBEL. ;)

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RE: Webos? Seriously?
by Moochman on Tue 30th Apr 2013 18:57 in reply to "Webos? Seriously? "
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How is the N9 better than webOS? N9 was maybe more stable/capable of running more apps at once, but how is aiming your finger at a tiny "X" button in the corner of an app tile better than simply flicking a card off the screen???

As for the PlayBook, everyone knows it's a webOS ripoff. It might be slightly improved somehow (maybe you could elaborate?), but it is essentially the exact same thing as webOS. Which is great.

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RE[2]: Webos? Seriously?
by No it isnt on Tue 30th Apr 2013 23:05 in reply to "RE: Webos? Seriously? "
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Flicking the apps off the screen (top to bottom) is the normal way to close them on the N9.

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RE[2]: Webos? Seriously?
by bob_bipbip on Wed 1st May 2013 16:56 in reply to "RE: Webos? Seriously? "
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taskmanager!=how the "os" (or apps) handle the different task

yeah, the webos taskmanager is pretty cute, and some can prefer it to the n9 one, but has someone already said, you also can close with a swipe "a la" web os.

you should really test these 4 devices to understand the true power, and lack thereof, of multitasking.
the n900 do not freeze (webos) or slow down (n9) app AT ALL. so you really have to care about closing every app, or you will drain your battery.

but they are all great after all ;)

about the playbook, it's better simply because the browser doesn't freeze at all in background. webos (and n9) always freeze their browser in background.

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RE[2]: Webos? Seriously?
by zima on Mon 6th May 2013 23:16 in reply to "RE: Webos? Seriously? "
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N9 could hardly be described as stable, especially WRT many apps at once... (check out at least the conclusion)

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