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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Oh multitasking. That staple of computing that got thrown out the window with many modern smartphones. We got some rudimentary thing in its place - but even as multitasking on phone and tablets improves, its user-visible side remains cumbersome. Windows 8 has a neat implementation, and now it's time Android follows in it footsteps.
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by Morgan on Wed 1st May 2013 05:11 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: comment"
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All I know is, I could reflash the Nexus S to a stock image, lock the bootloader and log into Google services, charge it fully with a battery that was just a few weeks old, set it down on my desk, and come back a few hours later to around 50% battery at best. That's with zero third party apps installed on a "pure Google" OS.

With my iPhone, I can charge it fully, set it on my desk and come back a few hours later to ~95% charge remaining. And that's logged into Google+ and Voice, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and all of Apple's services including iTunes and iCloud.

The only way I can make the iPhone drain like an Android device is by streaming audio or video over Sprint's horribly inefficient 3G, or running certain graphics-heavy games for hours on end. Since I don't actually do those things much at all, I get the best smartphone battery life I've had apart from my HTC Arrive WP7 phone. I'd say the iPhone is on par or slightly better than that phone on battery life.

I didn't even intend to get an iPhone though; I was due for an upgrade and I couldn't afford the Note 2 I really wanted. I was going to go with the HTC One but they were still on pre-order status. I needed a working phone and the iPhone was affordable, so I figured I'd try it. The last time I owned one it was a first generation model on AT&T back in 2008. It's definitely come a long way and I'm actually enjoying it so far.

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