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General Development "BlackBerry 10 is completely different from previous BlackBerry operating systemsâ€"with good reason. Its core assets come from a company named QNX, which Research In Motion acquired in 2010. Blackberry 10 features include 'live tiles' that dynamically refresh with new information, as well as a revamped keyboard and security upgrades. But what really makes or breaks a phone is the quality (and quantity) of its third-party apps. So what we'll do here is look at the programming API. That will give us a good grip on what app developers can do with the platform."
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RE: APIs are great
by Nelson on Thu 2nd May 2013 04:58 UTC in reply to "APIs are great"
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I agree. The BB SDK looks pretty straight forward. I'm a fan of them using "flat" C APIs where possible because it makes it easier to interop between other languages. If the API was in C++, you'd need to use opaque pointers to access the object. Ugly.

Its my experience that them doing C++ for the sake of C++ would bring more trouble than its worth given that the language is in flux. Do I use the familiar C++ that people grew up with? Do I use C++11? What if people don't know the idioms yet, do I throw any familiarity edge out of the window?

They do use C++ where it makes sense, like using Qt/QML with their Cascades library. Its a lot easier for C++ to call C code than the other way around so it makes sense.

That said, I've only glanced over the documentation. I've yet to crack open an IDE and hack away at the thing. I'm interested though.

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RE[2]: APIs are great
by moondevil on Thu 2nd May 2013 08:48 in reply to "RE: APIs are great"
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What C APIs?

The only C APIs are the POSIX underlying APIs from QNX, everything else is C++ based.

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RE[3]: APIs are great
by phoudoin on Thu 2nd May 2013 09:26 in reply to "RE[2]: APIs are great"
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Not true.

The native BB10 SDK comes as C *and* C++ API.
The latter one is called "Cascades", which is mostly based on QML and a Qt port, which itself rely on the C API below.

And this C API is not only the POSIX one, far from it.
You don't believe me?
Check by yourself:

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