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BeOS & Derivatives "In the past few weeks, I've managed to find a bit more free time to work on Haiku. As per usual, the lion's share of this time was spent on improving our integrated debugger. As such, I thought I'd give a brief overview of what's been added, and how it can be useful."
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"Anyway, you will find that most IDEs now have integration with gdb (geanny, codeblocks, kdevelop, qt-creator, eclipse and 'kate', the last through plugin)."

It's a good list everyone's coming up with, thanks! I'd never heard of geanny, to be honest I don't want a new editor or IDE. I'd hesitate to use a kate debugger for the same reason, ideally I'd prefer a standalone debugger, much like gdb itself but with a good UI. Never the less I might try some of these text editors to see how suitable they are for debug work. BTW Codeblocks was my favourite of those in your list for C development.

Back in the day for windows kernel developement, IDA Pro was pretty good, they're supposed to support linux now, but unless they changed they tarnished the product with DRM and even the starter edition costs a thousand dollars.

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I found a debugger called "edb".

It's a true standalone assembly debugger. It's got a simplistic feature set, but it works so it's worth adding to the list.

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Purely out of curiosity, may I ask what it is you work on that requires regularly dealing with assembly?

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