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Mac OS X "OS X 10.9, which is internally codenamed 'Cabernet', will focus on various 'power-user' enhancements and take core features from iOS, according to our sources. Unlike operating system updates such as OS X Leopard and OS X Lion, OS X 10.9 will likely not be an overhauled approach to how the operating system feels and functions." Features for power users and features from iOS? Seems like an oxymoron. Still, if they manage to finally fix the Finder and Spaces, I'll be happy.
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by redshift on Fri 3rd May 2013 04:00 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment"
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For a lot of people a computer is a hammer, they don't really care of what is under the hood, they care about the computer enough to get the job done. For a lot of people the computer is really the apps they run on it.

This is the market Apple goes for, MacOSX and Mac Hardware is all about running the apps you need, some use Final Cut, some use Adobe's creative suite etc.. They don't care about the os and certainly don't want to customise it.

Actually, as a professional media designer who heavily uses the apps you mention I care a hell of a lot about what is under the hood (in both hardware and operating system). In general I have liked where OSX has been going... but the last release was full of useless crap like the launchpad and making a mess of how apps save files. The autosave works fine for small files... but if you happen to work on very large files it causes stalls. This is why adobe has not implemented the new "Apple" way of saving and why apple had to backpeddal and give power users back some of their saving options back when holding the option key down.

It seems that they have not been catering to the creative market the way they once were. We have yet to see a decent update to the mac pro and I really wish they would move to a more robust filesystem. I have always had better luck with color management on OSX.... but they seem to have fallen behind in not adopting 10-bit color support for high end photographers. They used to lead with quicktime... now they have dumbed down the framework with a priority toward playback and poor support for 3rd party tools that extend it. For what ever reason they refuse to make a 64 bit update to quicktime for windows making it much more difficult to have cross platform workflows.

I have concernes about what I will be using in 10 years for content creation. Everyone is chasing consumers these days and forgetting about the needs of creators. The new rumored OSX "multitasking" feature of pausing apps sounds like what life was like under system 6 before they had real multitasking... WTF would I want go back to that. Microsoft shoved the useful part of their os into the "legacy" bin and threw a half baked xbox interface on the front. Linux has had a few distros claim to target content creation... but none have really paned out so far.

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