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Hardware, Embedded Systems "NeXT Computer (the original 68030 cube) was a high end workstation that was manufactured between 1988 - 1990. Back then it was a very expensive machine as a complete system would start at $6500 (in 1988 dollars). The machine is a 1 foot cube magnesium case that houses the computer. At the time, its performance was impressive, with a Motorola 68030 CPU running at a screaming 25Mhz, a dedicated floating point CPU, and a digital signal processor built into the system. NeXT cubes featured a magneto-optical drive that stored a whopping 256 Megabytes (by comparison, high end Mac systems at the time might have featured a 20 Megabyte hard drive.) In its day, this was the "Ferrari" of desktop systems!" No new information for the average OSNews reader, but lots of beautiful photos for a beautiful Saturday afternoon.
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RE: I miss NeXTstep
by darknexus on Sat 4th May 2013 19:48 UTC in reply to "I miss NeXTstep"
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I have owned both NeXTstation Turbos and a NeXTcube. Beautiful machines with an great operating system. Today I miss NeXTstep's elegant design asthetics. It has gone downhill ever since, and now 20 years later we have to contend ourselves with the atrocity called "Windows 8"

Why are we stuck with Windows 8? Still several systems to choose from, including Mac OS X which is as close to a direct descendant of NextStep as you'll find. If I have to content myself with Windows 8, then this OS X desktop I have here in front of me and which I'm using to write this must be an illusion. ;)

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