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Graphics, User Interfaces "Adobe first launched Creative Suite 1 back in 2003, and now, ten years and six versions later, the company is taking a left turn: Adobe is abandoning its Creative Suite entirely to focus efforts on Creative Cloud."
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by MacTO on Tue 7th May 2013 09:57 UTC in reply to "GIMP"
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That depends upon the hobbyist.

If they're the type who bought CS and always kept it up to date, price probably isn't going to be much of an incentive for change.

If they're the type who buys CS every few releases, they may just stick with the version they already own. That's cheaper than the GIMP (since there are no new skills to learn).

If they're the type who want to use CS for a short time (e.g. to learn it) then this is going to be cheaper.

I was chatting with the owner of a used computer shop a few years back. His biggest gripe was that people would come in for Photoshop, see the price, then ask to pirate it. He'd ask them what they need it for, then show them half a dozen alternatives that would be better for their needs and cost a fraction of the price. They rarely ever nibbled. You see, the problem with a lot of hobbyists is that they think they're pros or they want to become pros. So they want to use the software pros use. So convincing them to change will be hard.

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