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Hardware, Embedded Systems News of the year in the technology industry. "The Fit's most important spec its display, with a nod to Sony's TV division: they come with 1600x900 or 1920x1080 touchscreens and nothing else. 'We're not going to offer 1366x768," reps said. 'We've killed that.'" This is Sony's new, simplified entry-level notebook line. Very, very welcome news in a world where even a supposedly "Pro" laptop that costs $1199 ships with... A 1280x800 resolution. This bottom-of-the-barrel crap needs to be eradicated, and good on Sony for taking this step.
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RE: wide screen only :(
by Earl C Pottinger on Tue 7th May 2013 19:37 UTC in reply to "wide screen only :("
Earl C Pottinger
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First, I agree that 1600*1200 is more workable than 1920*1080 but this garbage 1366*768 has got to go.

I mean it is not even showing all the fine details of HD videos that it is meant for, and as for web-browsing, text work and other stuff, it is very limiting to use.

Just the other day (about a week ago) I went thru the stock at the local Business Depot and Best Buy.

What a horror, dozens of machines with good specs on memory, CPU and available ports. Final found one with a 2 TByte hard drive, 2 USB 2.0, 1 USB 3.0, HDMI & VGA outputs, a up to date i7 CPU and then a screen of only 1366*768 and they wanted $1199 for it. Rip-off!

Found a Toshiba the almost same specs, 3 USB 2.0 and 500 GByte drive (the savings will go into a SSD) but at-least the screen was 1920*1080 and the price $799.

Seems it is not just about costs to make the machines, but how much profit they can fool people to give them.

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