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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless This is the Nokia I remember. The company just unveiled the Nokia Asha 501, which has a completely new version of the Asha software platform. Fast, responsive, stunningly great and simple hardware, and an unbeatable price ($99!). It borrows a lot from MeeGo on the N9, and overall excites me infinitely more than their Lumia offerings. I want one of these so bad.
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J2me used to rule mobile app devement for good part of the decade. Finding developers with the experience shouldn't poise a problem, esp. in the projected target markets (where locals write for locals). The unsolved questikn is how classical J2ME frameworks optimised for candy bar key phones fit into new Asha fluid guis. If most gui.concepts that plug into it are indeed proprietary then the skill transferability could be limited.

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