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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "The reviews are in: Facebook Home, Mark Zuckerberg's grandiose stab at totally controlling our mobile experience, is an unmitigated disaster. On Wednesday, AT&T announced that it was dropping the price of the HTC First smartphone, which comes with Facebook Home built in, from $99 to 99 cents. Think about that: a new smartphone, priced to jump off the shelves at Dollar General. It's a great deal, but it is also hugely embarrassing for Zuckerberg. [...] For confirmation we need only look at the Google Play store, where the Facebook Home app, which can be installed on select Android phones, has now fallen to the No. 338 ranking in the category of free apps. That's 200 spots lower than it ranked just two weeks ago." Totally did not see this coming whatsoever.
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Completely Disagree On the Observation
by vinhsynd on Fri 10th May 2013 23:01 UTC
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I agree with you that the data shows Facebook Home has poor ratings as a launcher in the media and on Google Play.

However I completely disagree with the conclusion. Facebook Home is not a failure, its basically a beta which will be evolved over time. Already, Facebook is working to correct many of the complaints left by users who gave it <3 stars. This includes work on creating folders in the launcher, having a dock, and making it easier to use ChatHeads to initiate texting.

Instead of looking at the ratings, look at the number of downloads >1 million in a 3 week period. If anything this shows that Facebook is exactly spot on- people are very interested in having a Facebook/Friend-centric phone experience. The only thing they need to work on is optimizing the implementation.

Saying Facebook Home is an unmitigated disaster would be appropriate if it had <1000 downloads meaning no one cared about having more Facebook in their mobile experience. This data shows exactly the opposite.

Disclaimer: I use Google+ way more than Facebook, and I don't have a Home compatible phone.

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One million downloads sounds like a lot, but you have to remember that there are roughly 1.1 billion Facebook subscribers. And does that one million figure include the phones sold with it pre-installed? And how many of those one million turned right around and deleted the app five minutes after installing it? Based on the Play Store reviews, probably a good many.

I love the concept, don't get me wrong. And I'd love to see Google do something similar with their social network. I just think Facebook should have worked out the more serious bugs before unleashing it on the masses. Also, I'm not enjoying the buggy "features" trickling in from Home to the iOS app. Facebook could learn a lot from Google in this area; I've found the iOS version of Google+ to be even better than the Android version, which is really puzzling.

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