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Microsoft "Most people understand that Windows is used by a variety of people who have a variety of needs, ranging from corporate server to workstation to POS terminals to home PC and beyond. Most people accept that whenever Microsoft updates Windows, it has to balance the competing requirements to find some kind of workable compromise. There is however another set of competing requirements that many do not really register, even those that call themselves power users or are IT admins. It is a conflict between developers/programmers and Microsoft itself."
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by tomz on Mon 13th May 2013 02:59 UTC in reply to "Comment by Nelson"
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AKA the unification church.

Silverlight was a web platform something like Flash.

One of the things I notice on my Android tablet is that websites work. Often slowly or not well, but I can get to what I need instead of the blue lego icon on an iOS device. Which means Flash. Flash is awful, but is what is there, not unlike Win 3.1, Win 9x (and "Me").

Microsoft can't be Apple, but they can declare they are now the same with the app store, etc.

(remember Steve Jobs comment) Mack and Cummins ando others make trucks or truck parts. Not cars. They would likely be terrible if they abandoned the truck business to build cars. But that is MSFT. Better a bad car company than a successful and profitable truck company?

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RE: Moonies
by Nelson on Mon 13th May 2013 03:24 in reply to "Moonies"
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Silverlight wanted to be a web platfom. It never got to be one before HTML5 got good enough and it instead turned into a very specialized Line of Business application platform.

Silverlight was extremely good because it supported cross platform execution Out of Browser and platform agnostic integration with the host. It was an extremely attractive proposition for existing .NET shops who were invested in Microsoft technologies.

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RE[2]: Moonies
by tylerdurden on Mon 13th May 2013 18:23 in reply to "RE: Moonies"
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Silverlight was cross platform in the same sense as how you could buy early Ford cars on any color you wanted, as long as it was black.

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