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Google The only thing from the interview I care about: "We are thinking about how to make Android handle updates better. We see ways we can do this. It's early days. We're talking with our partners and working our way through it. We need time to figure out the mechanics, but it's definitely an area of focus for me and for the team." We've seen empty promises about this before, though.
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It's early days?
by Tony Swash on Mon 13th May 2013 19:49 UTC
Tony Swash
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It's early days? Android has been out for four and half years, slow carrier adoption of new OS updates has been a feature of the Android ecosystem since the beginning, in what sense is this 'early days"?

Reading the interview, and noting the pre-announced lack of substantive platform developments at the forthcoming IO, strengthens my belief that Rubin's departure was part of a strategic inflection point for Android and Google. I thought the info about how rushed Rubin's departure was is also indicative of something coming to a head.

I presume that Page wants to refocus Android on what it can do for Google, like he is refocussing everything else at Google, and how Android can be repositioned and redesigned so that it serves Google's commercial purposes better, which would be a wise move in my opinion.

It will be tremendously interesting, and of course very significant for the wider tech world, to see what any Android reset amounts to.

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