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Windows "Windows is indeed slower than other operating systems in many scenarios, and the gap is worsening." That's one way to start an insider explanation of why Windows' performance isn't up to snuff. Written by someone who actually contributes code to the Windows NT kernel, the comment on Hacker News, later deleted but reposted with permission on Marc Bevand's blog, paints a very dreary picture of the state of Windows development. The root issue? Think of how Linux is developed, and you'll know the answer.
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You're being too hard on yourself. I wouldn't go as far as referring to you using your lack of technical competence in a matter as "pathetic" per se... more like an "odd" choice for the basis of an argument.

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The guy made a valid observation. The same one I made in a previous post (among others). It is a cheap tactic and a rather sleezy one at that to try an invalidate the observation based on his lack of omnipotance.

"Ohh... you don't know what causes the slowness. I c. Then your observation that it is slow is not valid".

I can observe the effects of gravity without having a Phd in physics and having spend the last 40 years researching gravity.

In the same way, he can observe the slowness of some software without having been an integral developer of the software.

If you're so stringent where is the hard data to back up the notion that Windows is slower than Linux? Give me hard data. Show me the numbers and methodology. On top of that... just to follow your standards... the person who publishes the data better have been an integral developer of both Linux and Windows! /sarcasm.

This article presents no evidence what so ever that Windows is slower yet any observations to the contrary submitted by users in this discussion thread is somehow "anecdotal". Hypocrasy at the very least.

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Huh? who are you talking to?

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I think we both know I was referring to you. I wasn't arguing I was asking, thus a question.

Twisting words and saying things I am incompete is pretty damn weak, when I was making an observation ... after a bit of research it is to do how virtualbox handles 3D.

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...your ability to parse humor is only surpassed by your legendary technical prowess in the field of computing.

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