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Windows "Today at the JP Morgan Technology, Media & Telecom Conference in Boston, Tami Reller shared with the audience that the update previously referred to as 'Windows Blue' will be called Windows 8.1 and will be a free update to Windows 8 for consumers through the Windows Store." They really didn't have much of a choice, but good news anyway.
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2005-07-08 buy Visual Studio v.Next.

Because Visual Studio 2013 update 3 was the last update with a tiny list of fixes

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Visual Studio 2010 support is kind of forgotten completely.

I am still Visual Studio (don't laugh) 2003 on some projects and it just something tbh that is a bit rubbish. But I can do fine with .NET 4.0 / VS2010 at the moment and I haven't wanted to take advantage of version 4.5 yet.

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Currently we are also using VS 2010 for our Windows projects, and for the look of it, most likely not buying VS2012 when it is already announced many of the fixes are planned for v.Next instead.

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I'd love for them to move to a yearly release cycle with Visual Studio with an option to purchase a subscription to the steady stream of updates.

I really, really like the Office 365 business model, it works well for software that costs hundreds of dollars.

And there's always Visual Studio Express if you can stand not having R#

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Edit: Ah you mean Reshaper. We don't get it for our projects anyway. ;)

It is hard to convince customers that they also need to pay extra for functionality that Java IDEs offer out of the box, when it is not project related.

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