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Windows "Windows is indeed slower than other operating systems in many scenarios, and the gap is worsening." That's one way to start an insider explanation of why Windows' performance isn't up to snuff. Written by someone who actually contributes code to the Windows NT kernel, the comment on Hacker News, later deleted but reposted with permission on Marc Bevand's blog, paints a very dreary picture of the state of Windows development. The root issue? Think of how Linux is developed, and you'll know the answer.
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by Darkmage on Thu 16th May 2013 01:32 UTC in reply to "Comment by ansidotsys"
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that is complete crap. Microsoft have had no qualms about rapidly deprecating large parts of DirectX, just look at development of DirectX 1-7 to see that. Game development on Linux is as easy or easier than it is on other platforms. The main reason for the lack of titles is developer perception or the userbase and installbase. Lokigames showed over 10 years ago that Linux games could be made easily, but they also couldn't prove the business case. Only just now is the business side becoming viable in terms of installed numbers etc. The sales figures from Loki alone illustrate this. Sell 3000 copies of a game and you're not going to make a profit on your ports.

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