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Google Ars nails it: "The answer is that Google did announce what amounts to a fairly substantial Android update yesterday. They simply did it without adding to the update fragmentation problems that continue to plague the platform. By focusing on these changes and not the apparently-waiting-in-the-wings update to the core software, Google is showing us one of the ways in which it's trying to fix the update problem."
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If only they could update WebKit...
by brion on Fri 17th May 2013 23:47 UTC
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The ancient and buggy WebKit in Android 2.3 is a thorn in the side of many mobile web developers... some new phones come with Chrome which gets updates, but the webview in the old default Browser app, and in for instance PhoneGap-based apps, only updates with the OS.

The new Google Play services look mostly useless for me; I'd trade them all for a mandatory Browser update with SVG support and sane position:fixed, iframes, scrolling etc.

Even if the WebView stayed awful in other apps, if the default Browser app were upgraded -- hallelujah!

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Sadly there are still brand new phones on sale (At least here in the UK) that still run 2.3 AND with no updates available. I know that for a fact as my other half bought one such device last week from Carphone Warehouse. She was not best pleased when she found out that it would'nt run the latest FB app or play Angry Birds.

IMHO V2.3 will become the IE6 of the android world.

I struggled with 2.3 (on both HTC and Samsung) phones for a while. In the end I tried to replace the HTC build with a cyanogen and prompty bricked the phone.

As a software dev of more than 30 years experience and IMHO, this whole Android System thing is a total mess and is getting worse not better.

I fully expect Samsung to declare UDI within the next 6-12 months and go their own way with their own OS. They really don't need Google any more. What then for the Android System?

I've given up with it all and gone back to an old Nokia 6310i. I actually don't miss much from Android as I tend to use my phone, well as a phone.

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So very this.

And so very much the grandparent too.

WebView on 2.3 really isn't very good at all. The missing features are a complete pain.

It's still not great in 4.2 either, not when compared to iOS's UIWebView. What I've been finding it that a moderately complex graphically rich app can end up hitting limits that tip performance off a cliff. Put too many 3d accelerated things into the DOM and then an app that had been animating smoothly will drop down to 3 frames per second. Remove the items from the DOM and performance does not recover - it will still be lousy. The same app on iOS will be silky-smooth. There's no signs, warnings, or any other indicators as to when you'll fall off this cliff. Very frustrating.

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Agreed. Google should make a chromeview (chrome support LOTS of features the default webview misses and would make development easier/prettier) and distribute it throught player, including for 2.x devices. But for that, they would have to port it to 2.x, that probally is very hard. Google itself suffers from the fragmentation they created themselves, what is kind of patetic ;)

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