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FreeBSD The clocks have fallen back, the leaves are hitting the ground and new BSD releases are on the Net. Among all the noise and buzz created by Linux, it's important to remember that it's not the only open source variant of Unix. OpenBSD, NetBSD and FreeBSD are all still very much alive and kicking and have recently been released from their respective projects.
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"- You must all fear there new hardware ... Nope none to be seen."

Imagine that, eh?
They dont make hardware but perhaps the distinction between hardware and software is one you dont quite understand.

"- You must all Fear there new Real Open Source and Real free software license ... Nope still the same traitor license. "

Rehashing the old bullshit traitor license conspiracy theory, eh?

"- You must all fear there new Software/Drivers ... Nope still the same broken thing with a new logo."

There are plenty of new drivers but to know that you'd have to be literate.

"- You must fear that corporation selling and supporting it with billion in fund !! ... Nope dont exist."

Happily taking it up the a$$ from IBM, eh?

"- You must fear there Promotion and user party who will install it by millions ... Nope not happening."

Quantity != quality.

"- They must ship free cd to anyone who ask , they got tons of corporate support on all platform !! ... Nope."

Yeah, because *all* Linux distro's does this....

"- They have this new garantee that if there software is hacked faster then GNU/Linux they give you a million dollar USD !! ... Nope."

No Linux distro does this ...

"- They have this garantee that if you find a broken software they will pay you a new computer with a competiting os !! ... Nope."

...or this.

"I will go and say on TV *naked* and say that I tought BSD whas not free and Open Source but that I whas wrong so I appear naked in argument vs the BSD'S."

Hey, that's one more great reason NOT to change license. Ever.

Just give it up Moulinfool, by now not even the hardcore Linux zealots pay any attention to you.

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"I am Moulinneuf and my genetics are killing BSD's , the lord of hell said so ..."

Ah, so the cat's out of the bag, you're an MS shill...

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