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Linux "In NixOS, the entire operating system - the kernel, applications, system packages, configuration files, and so on - is built by the Nix package manager from a description in a purely functional build language. The fact that it's purely functional essentially means that building a new configuration cannot overwrite previous configurations. Most of the other features follow from this." Interesting approach. A Linux distribution, sure, but with some very refreshing ideas about system configuration.
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Using Gentoo/Funtoo
by Yagami on Sat 18th May 2013 13:58 UTC
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I actually did something like this some weeks ago.

I have a desktop and two laptops. One laptop is my work laptop and i didnt want to put funtoo on it because i didnt had the time.
A few weeks ago i had some vacations and i installed funtoo on it.

I though it would be very complicated to replicate the system i had on desktop but :

Just installed a small stage3 system, copied everything on /etc/portage, copyed the world file ( what would be nixOs configuration file somewhat on funtoo ) and edited a little of make.conf to represent the different CPU and Hardware ).

then ... emerge -uDN @world and ... next morning i had a fully replicated system.

pretty cool !

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