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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The day has finally come! Jolla has finally announced the launch device for its Sailfish operating system - and by god this is a looker. It's decidedly different from other phones out there, but it has good specifications and carries a relatively reasonably price tag - EUR 399, and it's up for pre-order today, shipping in the fourth quarter of this year.
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Thank you, lots of info there! However, I could not infer from the linked article a definitive answer as to whether or not X11 apps (using old Qt, GTK+, other toolkits) will be supported in addition to Wayland.

If Ford Prefect is correct and Sailfish uses Wayland then no, X11 apps won't work as-is. Recent versions of Qt and GTK+ should support Wayland, but the apps also must be compatible with it to work.

EDIT: Actually I stand corrected. I just found which seems to mean that you can make regular X-apps run on Wayland, too, if you just install xwayland. So basically, yes, you can run X-apps on it.

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So it's going to be through a compatibility layer. I'm afraid it'll make things slower.

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If you are running non phone apps on a phone, you should expect a less than perfect experience, mainly due to the screen size and the keyboard differences.

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Uh, no. It's just a tiny X server running in the background like what OS X has to handle X11 applications, which wasn't really a big deal even on a G4 PowerPC system.

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X11 apps can already run under Wayland with a rootless X server.

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