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Windows The Verge pointed me to a blog post by Leap Motion - which reveals how their Kinect-like motion control works with Windows 8. "From the second you plug in your Leap Motion Controller, you'll be able to browse the web and interact with your computer just by moving your hands and fingers in the air. With Leap Motion technology and Windows, you can do everything that's possible with multi-touch inputs - without actually touching anything. This also means that existing applications in Windows 7 and 8 will respond to your natural hand and finger movements. Soon, we'll show you how Leap Motion will work with Mac OS X." Quite cool.
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My guess is: cheaper for large screens than touch screens.

I can see that now the hardware has become cheap enough, we can start to try out all kinds of new interfaces.

Google and Apple have voice control for their mobile devices. There is Google glass as well.

As someone mentioned below, some eyetracking might be useful to see if the person is actually looking at the screen.

We'll have to see how this develops. I think certain interfaces will fit certain use-cases very well. And we'll end up using that for that use-case. There is no one solution.

The technical people didn't think the iPad would be much of a succes either.

And the keyboard is still the fastest interface to get stuff done, but that doesn't mean people will use it for everything.

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