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Features, Office "The first killer app was VisiCalc. This early spreadsheet turned the Apple II from a hobbyist toy to a business computer. VisiCalc came with room for improvement, though. In addition, a new architecture and operating system, the Intel-based IBM PC and MS-DOS, also needed a spreadsheet to be taken seriously. That spreadsheet, released in early 1983, would be Lotus 1-2-3, and it would change the world. It became the PC's killer app, and the world would never be the same. On May 14, IBM quietly announced the end of the road for 1-2-3, along with Lotus Organizer and the Lotus SmartSuite office suite. Lotus 1-2-3's day is done." Impressive 30 year run.
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Comment by judgen
by judgen on Wed 22nd May 2013 07:34 UTC
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The dos version is still heavily in use it seems, as the old guard diehards seems to still prefer it for some reasons. All i know is my now elderly mother does all her spreadsheets in lotus for dos and she is so blazingly fast with it that even with a fully graphical spreadsheet program like the ones found in ms office or openoffice i still, to this date has no chance at all at completing most of her tasks on that ancient (in computer terms) dos machine at near her speeds.

It is impressive to watch, almost like an near extinct animal in the wilds.

Sidenote* She does have a newer system but still boots up the old IBM with the series-m keyboard for spreadsheet work even though she has dosbox set up on her brand new laptop. She also claims that her noisy ribbon dot matrix printer produce more long lasting prints.

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RE: Comment by judgen
by MOS6510 on Wed 22nd May 2013 09:39 in reply to "Comment by judgen"
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Despite its shortcomings I think DOS is pretty effective for work.

Its single tasking makes people focus more. No distractions.

And it's fast. It boots quick, applications start fast. Even a 286 or 386 can handle WP 5.1, Lotus 1-2-3 and dBASE IV fine.

Imagine building a new DOS machine. It wouldn't cost much. A single core CPU, some memory and some storage. Just think how many retro DOS applications a 2 GB SSD disk could hold and how fast it would be.

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RE[2]: Comment by judgen
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Wed 22nd May 2013 11:50 in reply to "RE: Comment by judgen"
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Well, MSDOS would definitly have some hardware compatibility issues. Freedos would be your best bet. I agree many companies might get a productivity boost from using it, from employees that have straight forward job responsibilities that don't require or benefit from multitasking. I've know quite a few companies that take windows and apply a crap load of group policies to allow it to only run a legacy dos program. It kind of seemed like a waste to me...

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RE[2]: Comment by judgen
by ricegf on Wed 22nd May 2013 12:33 in reply to "RE: Comment by judgen"
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The fastest machine I ever owned was an old Compaq luggable with 2.5 meg RAM under DOS 3.3.

All of my applications, including WordPerfect 4.2, Lotus, and VPGraphics were loaded into a RAM disk (not like DOS could access that extra 1.8 meg directly!).

At the command prompt, I could type "wp letter[return]Dear John," without any pause, and WordPerfect wouldn't miss a single letter - it launched faster than I could type!

Today, I double-click the Word 2010 icon and wait almost 30 seconds for that lumbering sloth to drag itself off the disk and get ready to do something useful. And to save and exit, it's not "[F7]ny" - I click the File tab, which bizarrely takes over the entire screen with a complex control panel, find "Save As" which exits the control panel for the text editor again and then brings up a dialog box, and so on. Weirdness gets worse every release.

This is not progress.

Geesh, I sound just like my grandfather...

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RE: Comment by judgen
by csynt on Thu 23rd May 2013 18:54 in reply to "Comment by judgen"
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yea... I am still using the 123R4 / under DOSBox on win8-x64! So many years I developed a budget/cash flow/bank accounts/portfolio management its full of macros anyway.
I don't care what is my current platform, as it can run for evern under dos emulator ;-)

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