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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "The Verge has learned that HTC's Chief Product Officer, Kouji Kodera, left the company last week. Kodera was responsible for HTC's overall product strategy, which makes the departure especially notable on the heels of the global launch of the make-or-break One. It's not just Kodera. In the past three-odd months, HTC has lost a number of employees in rapid succession." I really hope HTC pulls it together.
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RE: Comment by Nelson
by Fergy on Wed 22nd May 2013 17:38 UTC in reply to "Comment by Nelson"
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This just goes to show that no one OEM can grapple with Samsung's death grip on the Android ecosystem. There is almost no point in even calling it Android, Samsung has taken the entire cake.

It is still android and an app works on Samsung, HTC, LG etc.

This wouldn't be bad if it was a temporary trend, but Samsung has cleverly turned it into a self sustaining dominance. They have an enormous supply chain apparatus allowing for insourcing of components and non-commodity designs that just out class HTC.

If you mean Samsung outspends HTC on marketing you are right.

HTC's One may be the better phone, but like the others who try, it doesn't really matter if you make the better product when market conditions are irreparably out of whack.


Samsung has a bigger foot print, more money, and more control over the components than their rivals. Pretty much everyone save for Apple is being absolutely crushed by Samsung.


HTC absolutely needs to change direction. They're in Nokia's situation in 2010. To me, the only alternative is to go with Windows Phone in a meaningful manner.

HTC has their own OS, a huge software development team and had an iphone 2 years before the iphone? Ow you mean HTC has thrown away all their current phones and software and wait 3 years before they have windows phones!

Nokia increased the size of the Windows Phone market, there's no reason why HTC couldn't do the same. There's no lack of will at Microsoft to give out money either, so they could likely negotiate themselves a healthy deal.

Yes Nokia makes nice phones and even if they run a brand new unproven OS that has barely any apps they can grow windows phones marketshare. Of course it would have been really hard to get that low marketshare any lower.

With their profits taking a jump off of a cliff, I'm guessing they could need the extra cash.

And that would bring more money than selling Android AND windows phones?

An HTC/Nokia duopoly on Windows Phone would be the most coherent and formidable answer to Samsung. Microsoft has the pockets to bank roll the assault, it just needs a nice foot soldier like HTC to make the One running Windows Phone.

You already have Samsung/Nokia/HTC windows phones. The only thing different would be no sales from Android.

Had Nokia decided to go the HTC route, they'd be long dead by now. In an ironic twist, Nokia is trending upwards and HTC is trending downwards. And some people still think Nokia made the wrong choice.

You really think that if Nokia had kept all their symbian and linux phones and added android and windows phones that they would be _worse_ of?

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