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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "The Verge has learned that HTC's Chief Product Officer, Kouji Kodera, left the company last week. Kodera was responsible for HTC's overall product strategy, which makes the departure especially notable on the heels of the global launch of the make-or-break One. It's not just Kodera. In the past three-odd months, HTC has lost a number of employees in rapid succession." I really hope HTC pulls it together.
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RE: Competition
by tkeith on Wed 22nd May 2013 21:56 UTC in reply to "Competition"
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Mind-share and marketing. How many HTC commercials do you see? How many people in the real world do you hear talking about HTC? As good of a reputation as HTC has among the technically savvy, the average Joe knows little to nothing about them. Samsung has been around and many people have a Samsung TV or washer/drier.

LG and Sony may have it a bit better in that respect but their Android strategies were very muddled until recently. They have too many phones with confusing names, and can't get momentum.

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