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Google "In the midst of the major press blitz surrounding its annual I/O Conference, Google dropped some unfortunate news about its instant messaging plans. In several places around the web, the company is replacing the existing 'Talk' platform with a new one called 'Hangouts' that sharply diminishes support for the open messaging protocol known as XMPP (or sometimes informally Jabber), and also removes the option to disable the archiving of all chat communications. These changes represent a switch from open protocols to proprietary ones, and a clear step backward for many users." That's why I always say: only suckers trust companies.
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Comment by timdp
by timdp on Fri 24th May 2013 09:49 UTC
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I won't deny that this is a bad thing, but are there any figures on how many people were actually chatting via XMPP? If they want to push Hangouts, good on them, and if the demand for XMPP is only marginal, I don't see any reason to keep maintaining it other than to advocate open standards barely anyone actually cares about. But that's a big if, of course. Although if it's anything like Facebook Chat, I'm pretty sure most people just use it directly from Gmail.

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RE: Comment by timdp
by tkeith on Fri 24th May 2013 12:32 in reply to "Comment by timdp"
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That's just it. Who else is using XMPP? Facebook? Apple? Sadly the days of open standards are as bad as ever despite HTML5 doing well. Remember Google tried to introduce a new open communication standard, Wave. But for whatever reason others didn't pick it up and users seemed indifferent. Why go through the difficult work of making an open standard that others can use if they wont?

Anyone know if another major company that is using open standards? I'm pretty sure imessage, facebook messenger and skype are not. Yes, Google is usually the pushing for open standards but you can't expect them to do everything.

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RE[2]: Comment by timdp
by vaette on Fri 24th May 2013 13:13 in reply to "RE: Comment by timdp"
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Facebook indeed does XMPP:

Various changes in authentication and some limitations in handling html messages, but it is there and working.

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