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Legal "Google is facing a new antitrust probe by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission into whether the company is using its leadership in the online display-advertising market to illegally curb competition, people familiar with the matter said." Sucks to be Google today, apparently.
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RE: Competition should lead to...
by darknexus on Fri 24th May 2013 13:18 UTC in reply to "Competition should lead to..."
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Google started from little if not nothing (a student MIT project) so why "competition" is asking for regulation ? Cannot compete, then litigate ?

Of course! Don't you know that one can only be successful by exploiting and trampling those who aren't? Success is evil, all must be given to the collective. </sarcasm>
This attitude is becoming prevalent in not only the people but the government in what could once be called the land of the free. In short terms: don't bother to compete, litigate or the collective will go after *you* next. If you compete, you're an evil bastard who needs to give everything to those who did not think of it themselves.
This is why *all* government protectionism must be eliminated. Patents, anti-trust, etc all need to go. Otherwise, we'll see this cycle over and over again and true innovation will be quashed beneath a mound of bureaucratic nonsense in the name of "fairness."

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Yeah, remember how great it was to have a single telephone company, that wouldn't allow you to purchase your own phone? And how you couldn't hook up anything to a phone line that they didn't rent to you, so you had those awesome acoustic phone couplers?

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I also know what could have happened if the government hadn't barged in. We'd have had others making better products. No patents would mean they couldn't be stopped from doing so, and no anti-trust works both ways. Would it have happened as quickly? Probably not. On the other hand, if it had been done this way, we may not be stuck with the antequated telephone network we now have (8 khz, limited numbers). Make no mistake, the market will always balance itself in time. When enough people get dissatisfied, enough of them will band together to make something they see as better. Whether it takes off depends on the perception of others of course, but if there are significant advantages there will always be competition. Too many people want government quick fixes, but quick fixes always unravel. There are no quick fixes in life, and we'll be better off once we all understand this. The solution is not to complain that one company's not being fair, but rather to band together and do better.

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