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Games So, the Xbox One disaster continues. Microsoft's policy for dealing with the used games market has reportedly leaked - and it's a clear and direct attack to destroy the used games market. Prices for used games will be set at the retail value of a new game, and retailers have to hook into Microsoft's computer systems and comply with Microsoft's terms and conditions.
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Red ring of death... Time to re-buy all my games!

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Red ring of death... Time to re-buy all my games!

No as it is Microsoft lets you transfer XBLA content (DLC, games etc.) from machine to machine with the Xbox 360 that are locked to hardware and gamer tag. There are two licenses one for the hardware one for the gamer tag and you can move the hardware one from machine to machine. I've had to help people with this process but it seems to have gotten easier over the years.

Still not sure if I want to buy an XB1 despite that fact that it wouldn't affect how I use it, I don't lend games or sell them on and really the only game I'm interested in is Forza 5 and what else is there to care about COD, meh I can get that on PC and I'm not into COD.

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