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Games So, the Xbox One disaster continues. Microsoft's policy for dealing with the used games market has reportedly leaked - and it's a clear and direct attack to destroy the used games market. Prices for used games will be set at the retail value of a new game, and retailers have to hook into Microsoft's computer systems and comply with Microsoft's terms and conditions.
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RE: Comment by jigzat
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Fri 24th May 2013 22:01 UTC in reply to "Comment by jigzat"
Bill Shooter of Bul
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For us gamers feels like friendship or fair use but when that means a developer might get just 1/5 of the projected profit it becomes dangerous. We all have done it, is legal, we all have friends but developers have the right to protect their profit after all without that there would be no amazing games.

That's obviously wrong. Who cares what percentage of total revenue a single game generates is? I don't. Its not my responsibility. There are already great games today with our current system, changing the system to push more revenue towards one party many not result in a better system for all interested parties.

I have not purchased a game system since 2003, so I can't really call myself a gamer. But your ploy to make me weep over the largely successful game developers is just absurdly wrong on so many, many levels. If I were to buy one, I would favor any other company due to the used games situation. And I've heard all of my colleges, who do buy several console games a month say the same.

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