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Google "So in summary... Google has pulled the plug on support on a protocol they've helped popularize, after years of promising interoperability, for reasons that are dubious at best, and in a way that leaves people who don't jump to the new Hangouts app unable to talk to their contacts without any feedback that their IMs aren't getting through... And they've done that with no warning to anyone. I imagine there's a bunch of people out there wondering where some of their buddies have gone, or why their messages aren't getting responses, because this isn't documented anywhere." Google really messed this up. Such a dick move.
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RE: Comment by Soulbender
by UltraZelda64 on Sat 25th May 2013 02:45 UTC in reply to "Comment by Soulbender"
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You have a good point. And those people who either are using a non-Google XMPP service or have an interest in open standards and open source/free software will find out soon (if they haven't already).

I'm in the process of abandoning Google Talk right now. Testing various XMPP services to find the "best" one to settle with. But luckily even if the first provider I end up with doesn't end up being the last, at least they will all be able to communicate between each other. Because Google Talk already has so many users I could almost live without federation, but the fact that (from how I understand it) they intend to remove XMPP compatibility to the point where eventually third-party clients will no longer work, that's the line right there. It's drawn, it's slowly being crossed... goodbye Google Talk/Hangouts.

Several of the people I know have yet to even given up on the Yahoo! Messenger service. Those people were too stubborn to convert to Google Talk in the first place, chances are high they'll be too stubborn to switch to anything else, and Google's changes won't even affect them.

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