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OSNews, Generic OSes "A tiny 32 bit kernel written in Rust. I was inspired to download Rust and try to do this after seeing - a stub that lets Rust programs run almost freestanding. It paints the screen bright red and then hangs. That's it."
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by TempleOS on Mon 27th May 2013 11:02 UTC
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TempleOS has been 64-bit since 2007. Haiku is still 32-bit.

God said 640x480. Mine has no networking. It is not a primary operating system--no point being redundant. It is not trying to be like windows or Linux but a modern souped-up 64-bit C64.

Mine has a new language. Mine is very different and innovative.

Linus did not make a compiler. Haiku did not make a compiler. Only I have made a 64-bit compiler. I made an awesome new language -- Holy C.

If your OS is not radically different, for a niche or purpose, it's pointless.

Different drivers for all hardware is a losing strategy. It is pointless to make 5 GPU drivers when there are 30 GPU drivers you need and more coming all the time. Without GPU support, only 640x480 is good. See my video of my FPS and flight simulator. I've spent ten years writing 130,000 lines of code.

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RE: 64-bit
by Athlander on Mon 27th May 2013 12:20 in reply to "64-bit"
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God said 640x480.

No, God said 1200x1600 but is willing to forgive other resolutions as long as the screen is in portrait mode. God also specified a GUI with context menus, red function keys on the keyboard and a trackball or joystick to move the cursor (users of TrackPoints are perverts and there's a special hell reserved for those nipple twiddlers). The CPU must be pure 32-bit (which some interpret as not offering any alternative "modes") and memory limitations must be overcome using bank switching only. The use of a swap file/partition is unclean.

Regarding the OS, it must have been programmed entirely in assembly language and/or Pascal (or blessed derivatives) and the video driver must not have any support for square or landscape screens.

God said all of this.

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RE: 64-bit
by Kochise on Mon 27th May 2013 12:57 in reply to "64-bit"
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You can pretend as much as you want "God said this, God said that..." remember what have been made/done in the name of God. You can name whatever to be Holy, but since you have no legitimation (not a priest or anything else of that kind) you have specifically not right to do so.


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RE[2]: 64-bit
by TempleOS on Mon 27th May 2013 14:08 in reply to "RE: 64-bit"
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Oh, please! You atheists love evolution. USSR and China are atheist and starved lots of people. "Thou shall not covet" comes from God. Communism comes from atheists.

God said war was "Servicemen Competing".

Love neighbor as self means you can kill if you are willing to die. Jesus said, "live by the sword, die by the sword."

What would teen-age male video games be like if there had never been war? Praise the Creator that we are not bored.

Randomly crack-open the nearest book after praising the Creator and God will talk.

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RE: 64-bit
by umccullough on Mon 27th May 2013 15:57 in reply to "64-bit"
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Haiku is still 32-bit.

That's not entirely true...

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RE: 64-bit
by Bobthearch on Mon 27th May 2013 19:54 in reply to "64-bit"
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God said 640x480.

I think He did say that, in 1987.
But now God says 640x480 looks like butt on his 27" wide screen monitor.


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RE[2]: 64-bit
by TempleOS on Mon 27th May 2013 20:06 in reply to "RE: 64-bit"
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1) The OS doesn't need GPU drivers, which makes it possible and open.

2) No gore. A return to innocence.

3) There is not an ART arms race for developers. Games can be made by tiny-companies with programmer art. A modern game is like a movie, normally.


God just said I'm Moses and you are grumbling like this story in the Bible after liberated from slavery and wandering in the desert:

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