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In the News Yahoo is acquiring Tumblr, the microblogging and social networking website, for $1.1 billion USD. Tumblr offers little revenue but lots of eyeballs if Yahoo can monetarize them. Now Yahoo is bidding for Hulu, the streaming video service. After years of ineffective responses while Google, Facebook, and others took large chunks of the online advertising market, Yahoo is fighting back. Can Yahoo reignite the momentum it had at the turn of the century? What do you think?
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Comment by NuxRo
by NuxRo on Tue 28th May 2013 10:20 UTC
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Yahoo is as good as dead if you ask me. I do not see what they provide of value and could keep them alive in the long term.
I think they still rely on inertia from good old times. Their current offerings are crap and/or niche: their email is crap, their search is crap, their messenger is crap.
What else do they do? Flikr? niche. Tumblr? niche (but nice porn!).

IF they succeed in buying Hulu and play their cards perfectly they get a chance at staying relevant in the entertainment industry. But that's a very BIG "if".

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