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Gnome "At the Tizen conference this week in San Francisco, Intel showed off an Intel Ultrabook running their next-generation Tizen 3.0 platform that's using a shell/desktop derived from GNOME 3.x."
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I am fully aware that Linux distributions are being used in the automobile industries and I can assure you that in Germany many are quite happy with the Google monopoly as you put it.

While others are using Qt/C++ directly on top of their hardware or in-house developed distributions.

Having a logo on that site does not mean that they are actively using a Tizen distribution on their cars.

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I can assure you that in Germany many are quite happy with the Google monopoly as you put it.

Google doesn't have a monopoly yet, thank God. You have to be idiotic to be happy with a monopoly btw. Are you sure you know what you're talking about ? A monopoly is illegal under US/EU laws ...

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You are the one that raised the ghost of monopoly and are yet to present a single reason why in the current market situation of operating systems anyone would pick Tizen over other Linux distributions or existing market leaders.

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I don't know about the US but a monopoly is not illegal under EU law. There are just certain laws to prevent a monopoly from being abused.

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It seems you don't know what you're talking about - monopolies are not illegal (and many are natural), abuses of monopolies are.

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