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ReactOS "The ReactOS project is proud to announce the release of version 0.3.15. A culmination of over a year of development, 0.3.15 incorporates several architectural enhancements to create a more compatible and conformant implementation of the NT architecture. Perhaps the most user visible enhancement is initial support for USB devices, both storage and input. Infrastructure wise, this is the first release of ReactOS using CMake instead of rbuild. The conversion to CMake has allowed developers to generate Visual Studio solutions for working on the code, though several C++ components still need work before support for Microsoft's toolchain is complete."
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by SithLord on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 09:03 UTC
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I wonder why this project keep enjoying this kind of coverage...
I've tested many ReactOS releases in those years but I always it lacked the ability/stability to do anything useful.
Most mainstream software does not correctly install or run, shall we talk about usb and network features, or about the frequent random crashes?
An attempt to replicate W2K? Please, get serious, I recall when I used 95 alphas, and even infamous NT4 alphas, and that 18-19y/old stuff was MUCH MORE stable than ReactOS!
This last release only displays a nice blue screen of death right after booting: enough for me, I'll test the next release of ReactOS as I do every few months, just to see if I'll get disappointed more, or less, than the previous iteration.

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