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Windows First looks at Windows 'Blue' have revealed an upgrade composed of cosmetic fixes, suggesting that Microsoft may be blowing its chance to turn the tide on Windows 8 blow back, and make good on its promise to truly 'rethink' Windows 8 with the release of Windows Blue. As a result, InfoWorld has issued an open letter to Microsoft to consider Windows 'Red' -- what InfoWorld is calling a 'serious plan' to fix the flaws of Windows 8, one that could rescue Microsoft's currently flagging promise to deliver a modern computing experience on both PCs and tablets.
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I found after I took the Metro app dive, I had a little bit of adjustment to do, but after that I actually start to miss Windows 8 features on other OSes.

Have you tried Gnome 3? That is what Microsoft should have done. It makes me more productive and doesn't force touch interfaces on my two 24 inch monitors.

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I did, a long time ago. I actually liked what they were doing, and the direction seemed decidedly refreshing. They understood that sometimes users don't understand what's best for them and made some pretty bold (controversial) decisions. I'm proud of them for charting their own course.

If there's specifically something cool about Gnome3, I'd love to look it up and learn about it. I likely wont get to try it out for a little while though.

Also according to Microsoft, in Blue you'll be able to resize apps to "near infinite sizes", so there might be more to the story.

Anyhow, we'll know on the 26th.

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Now once you can overlap those apps and have say a nice border so I can move them around then I will get interested.

What I hate is this reduction in powerful features and limited software that tablets have brought us.

This same attitude has crept into windows and I am not happy about it.

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