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Windows First looks at Windows 'Blue' have revealed an upgrade composed of cosmetic fixes, suggesting that Microsoft may be blowing its chance to turn the tide on Windows 8 blow back, and make good on its promise to truly 'rethink' Windows 8 with the release of Windows Blue. As a result, InfoWorld has issued an open letter to Microsoft to consider Windows 'Red' -- what InfoWorld is calling a 'serious plan' to fix the flaws of Windows 8, one that could rescue Microsoft's currently flagging promise to deliver a modern computing experience on both PCs and tablets.
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RE[2]: Flawed process
by Kochise on Tue 4th Jun 2013 20:31 UTC in reply to "RE: Flawed process"
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It's not about the cash, good for them if they (still) have some, but read the comment by "Christian Paratschek" below, that's the spirit of my post.


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