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Games "So, to summarise this buyer's guide to next gen consoles: don't." Yahtzee, as usual, nails it. I particularly like the apt description of how you used to buy a console because it had the specific games you wanted, whereas now it feels like you're buying a console because it's holding the games you want hostage.
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RE: PS4 doesn't seem so bad, yet
by bnolsen on Wed 5th Jun 2013 21:57 UTC in reply to "PS4 doesn't seem so bad, yet"
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With sony you can never believe anything they say. I think people have figured this out and are waiting for it to release and suckers to buy it before they actually take the dive.

So MS has already torpedo'd their own new gaming console and sony's is shrouded in the mystery of distrust.

I'll bet that sony is going to do most everything MS does on used game lockdown, possibly thinking their lip service to indies will take them over the top. I'd be utterly shocked if sony goes the consumer friendly route (which would definitely lead to ultimate domination next cycle).

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I agree. If Microsoft is successful in making money from used games, what's there to stop Sony from doing the same? Their Term of Services could change in an instant. Remember originally PS3 was able to play PS2 games and it was able to have "Other OS".

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My original Phat version still does play PS2 games, I just tried it! I take your point about the Other OS, although with the original 40Gb HDD there wasn't a lot of room for media storage, never mind an install of Linux as well!

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Sony and consumer-friendly have been mutually exclusive terms for a while.

In any case, most users of these systems care about whichever AAA games they can play on them, with ideological/common sense considerations for their interests as consumers rarely coming into play as purchasing decisions.

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